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Compiled by: Wayne D. Puddester

This project is dedicated to my partner, wife and “Buddy” Louise Helen, my children Wendy and Christopher and of course my grandchildren Renee, Nicholas, Rebecca, Jessica and Lailana all who will eventually ask the question “Who were my ancestors?”

Parish Update Notices
    • Blackhead Parish Records - Updated: July 2012
    • Lower Island Cove Records - Updated: July 2012
    • Old Perlican Records - Updated: July 2012
    • Northern Bay Records - Updated: November 2012
    • Western Bay Records - Updated: November 2012
    • Bay de Verde RC Records - Updated: November 2012

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Related Surnames Contained in this Family Tree

Adams-Anderson-Arsenault-Ash-Avery-Axhorn-Ballam-Bandolas-Barrett-Bartlett-Benson-Bouchard-Brown-Brushett-Buckler-Cargganilla-Crummey-Cummins-Dale-Diamond-Farrell-Flaherty-Garland-Gosse-Hancock-Harris-Hodder-Johnson-Kennedy-McCann-Milley-Moores-O’Brien-O’Dea-Reid-Rixon-Rose-Sellars-Smith-Snelgrove-Sooley-Sparkes-Squires-Steele-Stockwood-Vey-Vickers-Wilcox-Williams- (Just to Name a Few)

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Research Services

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Credit & Acknowledgements

I have included in this family tree all information, which could be confirmed through sources available to me. Full names, dates and places were the important criteria while preparing the tree. The task of researching and supplying accurate information on other branches and other family surnames was left to each contributor and verified where ever possible with my limited resources. At this time I have included all information researched by myself or given to me by all those wishing to contribute using these criteria. As with any project there will always be errors and for these I apologize, please contact me to correct any error. If you would like to add to this ever growing Tree, please contact me at your convenience. I would like to thank the following people who have given me that extra bit in order to help in this labor of love.

    • My father, John S. Puddester, for his memory of places and names. Although he passed away in 1985 his notes were encouraging and helpful to me while this family tree took on a life of its own.

    • Aunt Rose (nee Carnell) Puddester, Mt. Pearl, NL for her anecdotes and information, but most of all the humor

    • Az Smith, Spaniards Bay, NL for the work he contributed on the Brown family tree.

    • Robert P. Puddester, Coquitlam, BC.

    • Ian Scott, a Professor of Genealogy, Charlottetown, PEI. Thanks for the pictures and advice.

    • Ruth (nee Puddester) Vogel, Venora, WI, USA. At 91 years young, thanks for your wisdom, wit and wonderful outlook on life.

    • Pamela Jo (nee Bandolas) Greenough, Wilmington, NC, USA. Solved one mystery; another to be solved. Thanks for great pictures in the tree.

    • Tammy (nee Puddester) Lockyer, Western Bay, NL. A great help in pulling piles of facts together. My “bay” connection.

    • Susie (nee Puddester) Sparkes, Lower Island Cove, NL. At 88 years young, thanks for your invaluable help and a keen memory of my grandfather’s humor.

    • Judith (nee Puddester) Rynk, Cobleskill, NY, USA. Who saved every scrap of paper, books and pictures her Dad, Felix, had accumulated over a lifetime.

    • Winnifred (nee Puddester) Martin, St. John’s, NL. A treasure trove of stories. Her grandfather’s and father’s homes were an oasis for my grandfather Pascoe and my uncles when they came from roun’ da’ bay. Thanks, no better way to spend four wonderful hours.

    • Gillian (nee Martin) Noonan, BA (Hons), BED (Primary), MED, MLIS. Piles of information and more to sort through. Perhaps this tree will encourage her to write a history of the Puddester family on the “Nart” Shore.

    • Pauline (nee O’Neill) Puddister, Pickering, ON. A great help, more importantly, she had me in tears from laughter. She can’t get rid of the squirrels.

    • Josephine (nee Puddester) Tucker, St. John’s, NL. An accurate memory of many contacts in the United States who in turn were very helpful.

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Books of Interest and Sources

1. “By Great Waters” Edited by Peter Neary and Patrick O’Flaherty. A collection of writings from various people giving us an insight on life and events in Newfoundland. ISBN (case bound) 0-8020-2125-5 ISBN (paperback) 0-8020-6233-4. University of Toronto Press 1974.

2. “The Peopling of Newfoundland- Essays in Historical Geography” Edited by John J. Mannion. ISBN 0-919666-17-5.

3. “Newfoundland Discovered: English Attempts at Colonization, 1610-1630” by Gillian T. Cell (1982).

4. “The Newfoundland Company: A Study of Subscribers to a Colonizing Venture” by Gillian T. Cell (1965).

5. “The English in Newfoundland, 1577-1660” by Gillian T. Cell (1964).

6. “The Fighting Newfoundlander” by G.W.L. Nicholson (1964). Newfoundlanders leading up to World War 1.

7. “More Fighting Newfoundlanders” by G.W.L. Nicholson (1969). Newfoundlanders leading up to World War 2.

8. “Grenfell of Labrador” by Ronald Rompkey (1991). ISBN 0 8020-5919-8.

9. “Newfoundland and Its Untrodden Ways” by John G. Millais. (1967) ISBN 0-9738501-0-8.

10. “History and Folklore of Western Bay” by Maxwell Kennedy (1995).

11. “A History of the Corpus Christi Parish, Northern Bay” by Edward- Vincent Chafe BA, BED, BSP, MA (1995) ISBN 0-920884-41-5.

12. “The Seat Imperial, Bay Bulls Past and Present” by Paul O’Neill (1983) ISBN 0-919095-38-1.

13. “Trail Wanderings, Folk History of Bay Bulls” by Queen Maloney (1994) ISBN 1-895387-46-9.

14. “Soe longe as there comes noe women” “Origins of English Settlement in Newfoundland” by W. Gordon Handcock (1989). ISBN 1-894378-49-0.

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17. “The Quiet Adventurers in North America” by Marion G. Turk.

18. “The Quiet Adventurers in Canada” (1979) by Marion G. Turk.

19. “Hope and Deception in Conception Bay, Merchant-Settler Relations in Newfoundland, 1785- 1855” by Sean T. Cadigan (1995) ISBN 0-8020-7568-1

20. “The Newfoundland Rangers” (2005) by Darrin McGrath…(et al) ISBN 0-9684209-9-0.

21. “The Rule of the Admirals; Law, Custom and Naval Government in Newfoundland 1699- 1832” by Jerry Bannister (2003) ISBN 0-8020-8613-6

22. “The Oldest City, The Story of St. John’s, Newfoundland” by Paul O’Neill – Revised Edition (2003) ISBN978-0-9809144-1-2

23. “Newfoundland & Labrador, A History” (2009) by Sean T. Cadigan ISBN 978-08020-8247-3

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